HR Toolkit® to Stay Competitive

The HR Toolkit provides you all the HR forms, templates, and best practices, along with training and even an HR Help Line for any HR-related questions - all for just one low monthly fee of $99.

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The HR Toolkit completely changed my approach to HR management. Before, we had no consistency, no templates, not even job descriptions. The small investment we made has paid dividends and has made handling HR much more effective.

Allan DeVault General Manager Black Sheep Restaurant

Simply put, The HR Toolkit® is the all-in-one HR solution for small to medium sized businesses. Because business owners are focused on sales growth and their bottom line, the organization’s HR needs tend to go unmet. That is until it’s too late and a law suit is filed or even worse, a regulatory agency shows up due to non-compliance. 

The HR Toolkit® is simple to use, yet provides you everything you need to take your HR function to the next level. It includes the most up-to-date HR forms and templates, free unlimited HR Helpline calls to solve real-time HR issues, and free training classes to learn up-to-date compliance laws, effective hiring practices, risk mitigation and much more.