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Our goal is to help you recruit the very best talent and maximize your team's performance.  Whether you are in need of market analysis, incentive planning, or other compensation services, we will work with you to maximize your employees' results.

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Classification Studies

Positions you have classified as exempt or non-exempt may be inaccurate. Our Certified Compensation Professionals (CCPs) will carefully review your job descriptions to ensure compliance with the FLSA regulations as it relates to exempt pay practices.

Plan Creation

Do you have a solid salary structure in place? If not, we will create a detailed and well-defined salary plan structure that fits your organization. You should have a solid compensation strategy and a pay structure to match.

Compensation Studies

Because market conditions change so frequently it is vital to maintain salaries in line with your marketplace. Inaccurate pay rates can impact retention as well as hiring. Our CCPs will conduct market pricing for each position to ensure that your salary data is as accurate and up-to-date.

Salary Survey

A targeted salary survey will provide you insight regarding your ranking as compared to your competitors within your industry.