Affirmative Action Planning Drives Change:
Diversify Your Workforce

Affirmative Action Plans are necessary to help ensure your business is prepared to implement hiring and training programs intended to reach a diverse workforce.

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While all employers should consider implementing an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), government contractors are mandated to develop one.  There are rules and regulations that are critical if you are attempting to do business with the government and DCSI can help ensure you meet these requirements.  

Employers outside of federal contractors may need an AAP as a result of a court order to remedy past discrimination or as a voluntary measure. Developing an AAP with the right HR partner means achieving regulatory compliance and winning the bid.  


Key Features & Benefits

  • Satisfies legal requirements for federal contractors
  • Access to Human Resources specialists who are subject matter experts
  • Plan design customized to fit organizational structure and hiring practices
  • Analysis of goals and recommendations for outreach efforts
  • Evaluation of hiring practices to identify adverse impact and potential liability
  • Reduced rates for multi-year contracts

Suzi and her team helped my business with an extremely delicate situation.  They guided me through the Affirmative Action Planning  process and gave me the peace of mind to know we were making the right decisions for our organization and our team.

Roderick Crabbe Owner Allstate Insurance