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In the fall, most of us think about team sports and more specifically football.  I have my teams you have your teams.  In fact, my Ford Flex asks me to identify my teams to track the scores.

When we identify with a team, we Americans buy “the colors” in sportswear, hats, cups and jewelry.  You can find just about every item imaginable with your team’s logo.

Why do we spend our hard earned money on our team identification?  Is it for fun only or because we want to be a part of something – something bigger than ourselves.  I’m a Gator or a Seminole or a Cornhusker or a Hokie.

How do we build that team spirit in our companies?  Do we have the company chant?  Do we have the company colors that everyone wants to wear?  Do we spend the time rallying staff around our goals to beat our projections?

Team building takes time and starts at the top.  If you have been a part of a winning team, you know the euphoric feeling that comes from winning.  Wouldn’t it be great if your company team felt that way after achieving a goal?

Getting started with teambuilding doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  As we emphasize in our HR Essentials class, start with getting to know your employees both personally and professionally.  Make it a routine to talk with each one every day about something that is important to them.  It doesn’t have to be about work.  It may just be about their “team”.  The other free team building action is to share company goals and progress frequently.  Make sure you solicit feedback for the attainment of those goals and everyone feels a part of the effort.

The HR Essentials class is a part of DCSI’s system for managing human resources in small businesses.

Suzanne K. Lemen, SPHR, is the CEO of Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. which developed The HR Toolkit™ and HR Helpline & Update Service.  For more information about these services or to find out more about the HR Essentials classes contact Pam Gibson at or call (904)278-5383.

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