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Coaching on the Plays


I was in Dallas a few weeks ago and heard an interesting speaker who talked about coaching.  As part of the best practices section of our HR Essentials class, we talk about the need for coaching and not just for those that are not performing.  Just like in sports, coaching is for everyone.  The speaker, Julie Bell, a sports psychologist and author of Mind of the Champion, spoke about coaching on the plays, not on the scoreboard.  That gave me pause.  As a proponent of results focused performance management, what did this mean?

A results focus keeps the manager from “micro-managing” the employee  It allows employees the freedom to determine how a job should be done and creates ownership.  Workers today inherently hate micro-management, especially the younger generations.  So the question  remains, “If you aren’t coaching for the final score and just coaching for the plays, does that push you to be the dreaded micro-manager?”

I don’t think so.  I think of coaching as encouragement and praise for the positives along with encouragement and redirection and a whole lot of “you can do it” for the not so positives.  This does not take over the “how to” do a task nor does it take over  the responsibility.  I think Julie Bell of Mind of the Championhas it right.  

Coach for the plays not for the scoreboard.

The most important point here is to get out and do it.  Walk around and coach your employees – all of them!  Build a relationship and be an encourager.  Your company will be more successful because of it.

Suzanne Lemen is the CEO of Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc., an HR consulting firm that specializes in the HR needs of small and growing businesses.  Her team recently launched The HR Toolkit™ - an HR resources for the small business that takes the guesswork out of government compliance and best practices.  For more information on The HR Toolkit™ call 904-278-5383 or contact us through our website.

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